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Custom Aluminum Staircases–Build Your Own Stairway To Heaven

There are a lot of rickety “staircases” along the rocky coastline of Prince Edward Island. If you have access to your own little piece of an Island beach, you should have a safe way of reaching it. And that doesn’t mean swinging down from a rope tied to a tree or taking your life in your hands by straddling an old ladder.

Even if you have a wooden staircase, salt water spray and wild winter winds significantly
affect its lifespan.

Aluminum staircases for the win

We can build you a custom aluminum staircase so you can safely access your own little
piece of PEI paradise.

Why aluminum? Because it’s light and durable.

The pricing works out to roughly $150 per foot, and we build each set to spec.

How it works

We’ll first come out to your property for a site visit so we can design the best staircase for
you. After we build it, we’ll come back with our boom truck and put the staircase in place.

In the fall, we’ll come back with the boom truck to take it back up for winter storage
because you don’t want the ice, wind, and snow to damage it. Then we’ll put it back in
place in the spring.

Call us today for a custom quote for your own set of aluminum stairs.