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Services Offered by PEI Welding Shop Brothers Machining & Welding

Our full-service welding shop in PEI can tackle any machining or metal repair project. Learn more about our machining and welding services below.

PEI Welding and Machine Shop

We carry a great selection of metal stock including aluminum and chrome shafting, nuts,
and bolts. We offer conventional machining services in metric and standard. From modifications of farming and fishing equipment to large scale metal fabrication projects,
one of our skilled technicians can help. Take a look at some of the machining and welding
projects we’ve done recently.

If you can’t bring your project to us, we’ll go to you with our portable welding service.

Portable Welding and Repair Service in PEI

We offer 24/7 emergency service with our portable welding equipment. This service is pretty self-explanatory. When you need a welder but you can’t bring your project to one,
we’ll come to you.

Our portable welding service covers the [LOCATION].

For after hours service, call [number].

PEI Boom Truck

Our 22-tonne boom truck is one of the busiest boom trucks in King’s County. When you
need to move something heavy and you require a hydraulic boom truck to do so, we’ll be
on the job in no time flat.

Aluminum Staircases in PEI

If you’re fortunate enough to have a home or cottage along PEI’s picturesque shoreline, a
set of aluminum stairs is the safest and most attractive way to access the beach. We start
with a site visit; then, we build an aluminum staircase to spec. We use our boom truck to
deliver and set up the staircase, and, in the fall, we come back and haul it up for winter
storage. Learn more about our aluminum staircase fabrication here.

If you require any of the services mentioned above, or if you have a custom machining or
welding project to discuss, contact us today for a quote.